Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun in January!

January was full of fun! We managed to navigate through the mountains of snow to visit the Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead with Big Papa and even headed up to the Bronx for a fun afternoon of food and friends with the Taboas family! We also cheered on the NY Jets hoping that they would make it to the Superbowl. Unfortunately, they lost to the Steelers but Daddy and Michael looked good sporting their Jets attire! A few more pictures can be found here.
Daddy and Michael sporting their Jets attire.
Mary Pat did not sport any Jets attire but had fun cheering J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! along with Daddy!
Michael is ready for the game.
Having a blast looking at the seahorse tank at the aquarium.
Michael LOVED the shark tank and giggled and kicked each time one of the big sharks swam by!
Mary Pat was not a very big fan of the shark tank.....can you tell?
YIKES! That's a big shark over Daddy's head and Mary Pat was not pleased.
Big Papa helped protect Mary Pat from the sharks.
Michael had a blast with Big Papa at the aquarium!
Mary Pat and Daddy waiting for our pizza at the Italian Market on Arthur Ave in the Bronx.
Michael LOVED having new things to look at while hanging out at the market.
Mary Pat was a very big fan of the authentic pizza!
The little man!
Taty, Antonia, and Alex Taboas met us in the Bronx for lunch.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

We have had enough snow this winter to last us a lifetime! The month of January left our house pretty buried. Mary Pat helped us show off the snow in our front yard with these pictures!
In front of the snow mountain in our front yard!
On the path to our house, surrounded by snow taller than her on both sides!
We couldn't even get to the garage for most of the month of January and Mary Pat's playhouse is "snowed in".
We can't wait until the spring when we can finally use the slide again!

More Fun in SC

One of the last things we did during our SC visit was have a fun dinner at Mr. Gatti's! Mr. Gatti's is similar to Chuck E. Cheese but better. There is a pizza/pasta/salad buffet and then a game rooms with a bunch of games and rides for the kids. Mary Pat and Victoria had a BLAST riding rides and winning tickets. Michael also rode a few rides and had fun just looking around! It was a great way to spend an evening with Nana and Poppy. A few more pictures here.
The silly girls enjoying their pizza and pasta.
Riding the "roller coaster".
Michael took a ride with Spiderman while the girls road the roller coaster behind him!
He was not so sure what he thought about the ride at first.
Mary Pat loved the roller coaster.
Michael flying with a little help from Nana.
He liked it despite the look on his face.
All three kiddos enjoyed the mini carousel!
Michael held on tight.
Victoria working hard to get as many tickets as possible.
Poppy helping Mary Pat win some tickets.
Victoria showing off all her tickets!

Monday, February 21, 2011

The "Snowpocalpyse" in SC!

While we were in SC after the new year, Spartanburg got a major snowstorm! There was about 7-9 inches of snow and some ice which is HUGE for Spartanburg and made for a great time. Both Mary Pat and Victoria could hardly wait to get out and play in the snow and Aunt Shawnie even walked from her apartment (it took her 30 minutes or so) just to play with them! It was fun to see Mary Pat be able to play in an enjoyable amount of snow. Unfortunately, the large amounts we have seen in NY have not been too easy for a two year old to play in! More pictures to enjoy here.
Nana's house covered in snow.
Nana, Mary Pat and Michael looking out the door and Victoria looking out the window as we all wait for Shawn to arrive!
Here comes Shawnie up Dupre Drive.
She looks pretty cold!
Mary Pat in her makeshift snowsuit ready to go play!
Victoria is getting ready to play too.
There they go!!!!
Aunt Shawnie helping Mary Pat walk in the snow.
Victoria striking a pose.
Michael and Nana watching from inside the house.
Mary Pat had a GREAT time!
Trying to make a snowball.
Shawnie and the snow girls!
Shawn showing off the snowman they tried to build. The snow was too soft to build a good one.
Making a snow angel by popular demand!
Throwing the snow was fun for Mary Pat!
So was catching snow in her mouth.