Monday, June 16, 2008

Picture Perfect

We went for our 30 week sonogram over the weekend and my how Mary Pat has grown! She tipped the scales at exactly 4 pounds. Our technician mentioned that a good rule of thumb is that babies tend to double whatever their weight is at the 32 week mark, which means we could be looking at a robust birthweight in the neighborhood of nine pounds! Mommy will take that epidural with a twist, and don't be afraid to be a little heavy-handed Mr. Anesthesiologist!

Everything seems to be progressing along nicely and normally. The sonogram prints are easier to decipher this time around and there are even some 3-D shots that are both amazing and surreal. Our little ham was playing to the camera and stuck her tongue out at us to say hi in some action that took place off camera. We are getting more excited by the day and hope you enjoy these pictures as much as we do.

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Leenie said...

Still a little freaked out by the
3-D amazing! Shannon clarified that Mary Pat was extra active that day hence the "Gypsy Look" and dance moves caught on film! I know you have watched the film over and over by now and are in awe of the miracle of life your daughter holds. Your home already has the look of having children with all the wonderful gifts you have received at your showers. It must be fun to come home and see the strollers all lined up and ready to fulfill their duty of taking little Mary Pat on walks around the neighborhood. What an exciting time! Still waiting on those "belly pictures" Shannon, but I'm sure you will include them with your next weekly update!
Love ya'll