Thursday, August 7, 2008

Almost Theeeerrrrrrrrrrre!!!!!!

Coming down the home stretch and two out of three of us are ready to rock! Shannon is officially full term now so whenever you're ready Mary Pat ;-) We have some more ultrasound pictures attached below, hopefully very soon we will be posting some that are not from the "dark side of the womb". Enjoy!


Natalie said...

Look at those kissable lips!!! How precious. Can't wait to hear the news, guys!!

Leenie said...

The way she is sucking on that thumb with her mouth open, she's going to come into this world hungry and ready for some grub! I think she looks "done" enough to make her grand entrance and I am so ready to see HER and not the 3-D version,(which still kinda freaks me out. Only one more package to send so you better be on schedule!