Friday, November 7, 2008

Gymboree Class

For the past few weeks, Mommy and Mary Pat have been going to a "Play and Learn" class each Wednesday at Gymboree Play and Music. At first Mary Pat was not really happy to be there (as witnessed by Aunt Shay Baby) but she has gotten used to it now and seems to enjoy it more each week. Not only does it help get Mommy and Mary Pat out of the house once a week, but it exposes Mary Pat to different songs, motions, toys, and other kids. Her favorite part is definitely being around other babies!

Once Mary Pat is a little older she will be able to take music and art classes in addition to the play and learn class. We definitely recommend these Gymboree classes to other moms and babies if you have one of these centers nearby. Here are a few pictures from class last week (it was Halloween week so all of the kids were in their costumes at the beginning of class).

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