Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Meet the Mets...Meet the Mets...

....Mary Pat got to meet Mr. Met! It was a busy but great weekend as the temperature finally creeped above freezing for two consecutive days. On Saturday morning we got to meet Mr. Met at Roosevelt Field mall. If you look closely you'll notice that Daddy and Mary Pat both have on matching Mr. Met t-shirts. We then took a trip up to Fordham for the last basketball game of the season (with three wins on the season the Rams are not on Bubble Watch). Afterwards, we walked around New York's real Little Italy (in the Bronx) for some of the best pizza in the city at a small shop in the Arthur Avenue Market and THE best pastries in the world at Egidio on 187th Street.
On Sunday we went to Mary Pat's first parade, with a name like her's it was appropriately a St. Patty's Day parade in Huntington. We were a little nervous that all the hullabaloo might scare her but as you can see in the pictures (here is a link to a few more) our little lady leprechaun loved every second of it.

One of Mary Pat's many Irish outfits!

Enjoying the parade from Daddy's shoulders.

Watching the parade go by.

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Leenie said...

Boy, my Irish eyes sure are smiling after seeing the latest pics of that sweet little lass!! She is just too cute in her greenery and loved the Met outfit. (speaking of which, did they have bobbleheads for sale?)I see a nice combination of the two of you in her but she sure does have your hairline Chuck!!