Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Play Dates

This month we have had a couple Saturday "play dates" with friends of ours who have kids around Mary Pat's age. First, we had Brighton Jesse over to play and go swimming with his Mommy and Daddy (Suzanne and James). We had a great time at the pool and grilling at the house. Brighton is 17 months old and walking, so Mary Pat loved watch him walk through the baby pool!

Next, we had Claire George over to play with her Mommy and Daddy (Dave and Celia). Claire is only three weeks younger than Mary Pat so they had a wonderful time together! They loved crawling after each other at the house and splashing with each other in the pool!

Mary Pat is becoming much more active and loves playing with other kids so these play dates were perfect for her! Here are some more pictures from the visits.
Playing at the house with Brighton Jesse. Having fun in the pool with Daddy and Brighton.
Sharing toys with Claire George.
Mary Pat and Claire splashing around in the pool.
One of Mary Pat's MANY silly faces!
Crawling with Dada at the pool!

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