Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Mary Pat Turns One!!!

We can hardly believe that Mary Pat is already one year old! She had a very eventful and fun filled weekend of celebrations beginning on her actual birthday last Thursday. The events began with Mommy and Daddy singing "Happy Birthday" to Mary Pat in her crib Thursday morning. She laughed and bounced up and down not really sure what was going on.

Thursday afternoon, Mommy took some Dunkin Donunt Munchkins into Mary Pat's class at daycare where they had a birthday party for her. Everyone sang and clapped and Mary Pat wore her Birthday Crown and enjoyed all of the attention. When we got home that afternoon, Nana, Victoria, Aunt Shawn and Papa arrived at our house for their weekend visit. Mary Pat was very excited to see all of them. After Daddy got home from work, we all went to Grimaldi's Pizzeria for Mary Pat's birthday dinner. She enjoyed noodles and pizza for dinner followed by ice cream with a candle in it!

Saturday was the big birthday party. Unfortunately the rain caused us to move the party from the park to our house, but a good time was still had by all. Mary Pat was very happy to have so many friends and family able to come and celebrate her big day. She was not very interested in her cake, but had a great time eating one of the cupcakes we had for the party! Below are some pictures from the weekend. A link to MANY more will follow shortly!
Mary Pat in her class getting ready for her party!
She loved wearing her birthday crown at school.
And was VERY excited to see Mommy earlier than usual!
Mary Pat and her classmates singing Happy Birthday.
Enjoying her birthday munchkins.
Mommy & Mary Pat at Grimaldi's Pizzeria for her birthday dinner.
Daddy & Mary Pat the day of her birthday party.
Mommy & Mary Pat awaiting the arrival of her birthday party guests!
Trying to crawl in her pretty party dress.
Seriously observing the party.
Mary Pat was very happy to have her Nana there to celebrate turning one!
I'm ready for CAKE!!!!
Family photo with the cupcake shaped birthday cake.
Mary Pat liked the small cupcake better.
Tasting the icing.....


Leenie said...

I've already told you how adorble she is but I thought I'd tell you again! I think she's going to be like her Aunt Colleenie and love cake icing too!! Glad you had a great first birthday and they will only get better...hopefully I can be at the next one. Give the little "bow belle" a great big kiss for me. Love you all!!

Leenie said...

She is also adorable... didn't have on my glasses!

Missy said...

Happy birthday, Mary Pat! You are such a cutie!