Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

We had a wonderful Halloween! Mary Pat had a very busy week full of fun Halloween activities at school, concluding with trick-or-treating around the classrooms and a party on Friday afternoon. On Saturday, we dressed out little Piglet up and went out to trick-or-treat. Mary Pat was not so sure about the process at first, but was loving picking out candy after a few houses!

Her candy of choice was snickers, which seemed strange, but was the one item she would pick out from various candy bowls. She also loved getting pretzels since this was one of the few things we would let her eat right away. She didn't quite understand putting the candy in her bag and would hold on (tight) to whatever she picked out until we got to the next house. We ended the day with a visit to Floral Park to see Aunt Amy and some of Daddy's aunts and cousins. It was a great weekend! Below are a few pictures from Saturday. More to come once they are uploaded!
Piglet has her bag and is ready to go! Giving a big smile before we leave to go trick-or-treating!
Mary Pat's first stop was our neighbor's house! This is fun! (Note the snickers in MP's tight grip)
Wiped out! However, see the snickers still tightly in her hand while she is sleeping.
With some cousins at the Raleigh house! Emma & Molly (standing in back), (sitting L-R) Emily, a neighbor, Daniel, Brenden, Kristie, Patrice, Kelly, Mary Pat, Richie, Samantha, (sitting in front) Mia & Jay.


Leenie said...

Cutest little piglet there is! She gets her love of Snickers from me, we little piggies have to stick together!! Tell her to keep them in her little hand until Christmas and we can eat them together. Can't wait to see you guys...

Word Verification: hyolymp as in,
"Holy MP(Mary Pat),don't you take all those snickers bars from your little cousin's bags". A pig outfit does not one make. :)

Amy said...

How sweet! I love that picture of her knocked out with the Snickers in her hands! :)