Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheer, Cheer for Old Notre Dame!

We have had a great couple of weekends cheering on the Fighting Irish! Last weekend Mary Pat and Mommy wore their ND attire while we watched the Irish almost beat USC. This past weekend, Mary Pat wore her cheerleading outfit to watch the ND vs. BC game.

We watched the game with our friends Katie & Will Rich and their daughter Madeline at their apartment in NYC. Will went to BC, so him and Madeline were dressed in their best BC attire while Mommy and Mary Pat represented the Irish. The cheerleading outfit was a big hit with everyone and Mary Pat had a great time watching the game, eating pretzels, and playing with Madeline! Here are some more ND themed pictures!
Clapping along with the fight song.
Showing off my new top teeth!
Madeline and Mary Pat modeling their rivalry attire.
Mary Pat and Mommy ready to watch the USC game.
Go Irish!

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Leenie said...

Looks like you better start another fund Chuck! Her little Irish eyes do sparkle when she hears the fight song...
Love the toothy grin!