Monday, October 5, 2009

Mary Pat's First Trip to Benihana

One of Daddy's favorite restaurants is Benihana, which is a Japanese steak house where they cook in front of you. We had been eagerly awaiting the day when we felt Mary Pat would be old enough to enjoy the experience. At the end of September we decided to take her for dinner and she LOVED it! We went early enough that there were a bunch of other kids at our table and the chef catered towards them which was great. Mary Pat's eyes were working overtime trying to take everything in and she LOVED the food. She ate hibachi chicken, corn, rice and mushrooms and couldn't get it into her mouth fast enough! It was a very enjoyable meal and we can't wait to go back. Watching all of the action as the food is being cooked.
Trying to figure out why we keep putting this silly hat on her!

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Leenie said...

OK, my comments aren't going through. Can't remember the original one but I think her chunky little cheeks are full of fried rice and of course she loves food, she has McIntyre blood in her, It's a pre-requisite!!

One for each cheek,