Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Backyard Slide

Well, Mary Pat has had a wonderful time the last few days. On Saturday, Nana and Papi came up from South Carolina to help out as Mommy got closer to her due date. Mary Pat has thoroughly enjoyed having them here and Mommy and Daddy have loved having the extra help, especially in the mornings! Since these are the last few days Mary Pat gets to be "spoiled" as an only child she has been having lots of fun. There have been many walks, a trip to Build-A-Bear, cupcakes, pound cake and many other sweets. However, her favorite treat has been the installation of a slide in our backyard! Mary Pat LOVES the slide and wants to go outside as much as possible. Here are a few pictures of her enjoying her new backyard toy.

Mommy is supposed to be induced tomorrow (Thursday) morning, so check back for any updates on the arrival of Mary Pat's baby brother in the next day or two!
Waving from her slide.

1 comment:

Leenie said...

Slide and play Mary Pat, life as you know it is getting ready to end...
in a good way that is. Can't wait to see her being a big sister with little brother Michael Charles.
Hope all goes well !!