Friday, April 30, 2010

Michael's Homecoming and First Week

Michael FINALLY came home from the hospital on Tuesday April 20th. We were very happy to finally have the entire family at home. He was greeted in the front yard by the stork, Nana, and his big sister Mary Pat. Mary Pat was SO EXCITED to have Michael (aka "The Baby" as she calls him) home that she only wanted to stare at him and touch his feet in the car seat.

Michael's first week was pretty uneventful once he was home. He did great at his first doctor's appointment and has been sleeping and eating great! Mary Pat is adjusting well to being a big sister and loves to look and touch her baby brother. We were sad to see Nana go on Friday but look forward to seeing everyone in SC in a few short weeks!

Enjoy the pictures below and (a bunch) more at this link!
Getting dressed to go home.
Showing off his Irish temper in the car seat.
Daddy taking Michael to the car outside the hospital.
Michael is in the car and ready to go!
Once again we got the stork to announce the arrival of the newest Kolenik!
The Stork was ready in the front yard.
Waiting on the front steps for Michael to get home! Nana let Mary Pat get "dressed up" in her tut and pink sparkly shoes for the special event.
Mary Pat was VERY excited to see the car pull up!
Pulling into the driveway.
Our best attempt at a family picture with the stork.
We couldn't get Mary Pat to stop touching the car seat so we could go inside!
Mary Pat loved rocking Michael in his car seat.
Mommy was happy to have both of her babies at home!
Daddy and Michael in a favorite position on the sofa!

Mary Pat examining Michael.
Mary Pat was VERY excited to hold her baby brother!
Daddy helping Mary Pat hold Michael.
Nana and Michael taking a nap.
Daddy rocking both of his babies!


Amy said...

Mary Pat and Michael look so sweet together!

Biz and Francis said...

He's lovely Shannon and Chuck! Great job. I hope you're getting some sleep!

Leenie said...

He is just precious and has the cutest little kissable lips, can't wait to get a hold of him!