Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Big Sister Little Brother Quality Time

Mary Pat really wanted to hold her baby brother the other night. Unfortunately, Michael was very hungry so he wasn't very smiley in these pictures but I tried anyway. Michael loves to grab on to ANYTHING. This includes hair and faces. At first, Mary Pat thought it was funny that he would grab her face while she was holding him.....then he got some hair! She told him "no, no" and then she was done actually holding him. She didn't want him out of her chair though because she had to read him a book! Of course, crazy Mommy made sure to take a ton of pictures even as Michael started having a meltdown. You can see them all here!
Michael loves grabbing faces and hair!
The giggle twins.
She LOVES to give Michael kisses all the time.
More kisses.
Michael started crying and this upset Mary Pat too!
This is her pretend crying face as she tells me, "Mommy, Michael crying!"
Showing Michael her Barbie. After Mommy gave Michael his toy to chew on, she had to get one of her own toys!
Reading Michael a book.
Michael trying to take the book to chew on it.
Deciding to chew on his toy when he couldn't get the book.
Listening to his big sissy read to him!
Deciding once again that he wants this book!


Jennifer said...

the one of them both crying is priceless. so cute. i love these kids!!! they are the cutest kids ever.

Leenie said...

I think Jen needs one, or two!!!