Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Two weeks ago, Mary Pat started a soccer class. The ProSoccer Kids class is for 2 year olds and takes place on Saturday mornings for 45 minutes at Eisenhower Park. Since we had never really played soccer with her, we were not sure how Mary Pat would react to the class (or if she got Mommy's unathleticism!). However, it is a "parent participation" class so Daddy was helping her with the activities and we knew she would love being outside so we weren't too concerned. Well, she LOVED it!! She paid very close attention to the coach and loved sitting on the "magic carpet" to wait on the next activity. She didn't really understand that she had to kick the ball into the net and kept picking it up to throw it in......maybe she'll be the goalie!

We are looking forward to many mroe fun classes this fall and hope you enjoy the pictures below and at this link!
Very excited to have her ProSoccer Kids shirt and name tag.

Listening to coach on the magic carpet.

Michael observing the class and guarding Mommy's iced coffee!

Helping to "wake up the cones" which was a three step process. Step one was to "knock, knock".

Step two: Spread your wings (helping the kids with their balance).

Step three: "Pop" the cone up with your feet!

Very proud of herself!

Smushing the "hat" for the cone.

Putting the "hat" on the cone.

Excited to have a mini soccer ball!

Kicking the mini soccer ball towards the goal.

Throwing the ball in.....see why we're thinking goalie?

Ready for the big soccer ball now!

She loved kicking the ball!

Showing off her "GOOOAAALLL" pose!

Ready for the "team" cheer at the end of practice.


Getting stickers for doing such a good job.

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