Wednesday, February 16, 2011

10 Months Old!!!!

We can't believe that our precious Michael is already 10 months old! It's really hard to think that he will be a year old in two short months. As you can see from these pictures he finally has his two bottom teeth! He is currently working on a few more teeth so he won't be able to have the nickname "Mr. Gums" much longer. He is definitely a boy and is in to EVERYTHING. He loves to follow his sister around and they both like to fight over toys. He is still Army crawling but has now added pulling up, pushing his walker in the basement and climbing into Mary Pat's chair to his bag of tricks! He will eat anything you put in front of him including the usual baby food and many new table foods such as peas, green beans, corn, bagels, turkey and cheese. He is our happy little man!
Pulling up on Mary Pat's kitchen to play.
Trying to climb into Mary Pat's chair.
Modelling his Scooby Doo track suit after swim lessons. Look at all that hair!!
Mary Pat playing with her baby, one of the few things Michael doesn't try to steal from her!

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