Friday, February 4, 2011

Eat at Wades

One of Mommy's favorite things to do when we are in Spartanburg is go to eat at Wades when they have fried green tomatoes on the menu! This only happens twice a month so Mommy was happy that we were still in SC for one of the special days. Unfortunately, this was the day Daddy had to leave to drive back to NY (his flight got cancelled earlier in the day) so he missed all of the fun. We started the evening at Victoria's swim lessons where Michael had fun with Poppy, Mary Pat played with Leenie and wore Victoria's goggles and Mommy (Aunt Shannon) got to watch Victoria show off her swimming skills.

After swim lessons we headed to Wades where Mommy got three servings of fried green tomatoes and Mary Pat enjoyed her chicken leg and macaroni and cheese. She was such a big girl eater that she even got ice cream after eating her dinner! More pictures at this link.
Victoria giving out cousin hugs before her swim lessons.
Mary Pat LOVED wearing Victoria's goggles!
Poppy and Michael hanging out during swim lessons.
Mary Pat shovelling in her macaroni and cheese at Wades.
Michael enjoying himself at Wades.
Nana gave Michael his first taste of lemon. He was not so sure what to think!
Enjoying he rice cream after eating all of her dinner!
She loves ice cream!

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