Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Cousin/Baby Cousin Weekend

After waiting so long she could hardly stand it (and then some) Big Cousin Victoria finally got a chance to come to NY to meet Baby Cousin Mary Pat. We were all thrilled to see that they hit it off swimmingly. Please follow the link for pictures of the cousins first of many times playing together!

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Leenie said...

Well,I started looking at the pictures at 9:00 this morning and I just finished at almost 2:00!! I've never looked through so many at one given time and I'm exhausted but grinning from ear to ear. My two most favorite little munchkins in the whole world, one of which I haven't officially even met, are so adorable! I have new little names for them...Cheesy and Chubbette, Victoria being all smiles and Mary Pat being like her Leenie,chubby. Cheesy looks like she could eat Chubbette with a spoon! I am so glad she got to meet her, hold her and of course hold your boobie while you fed her!
My turn next but if you don't mind I'll let you hold your own boobie...
Hugs and kisses!