Thursday, September 18, 2008

She's Three!!!! (weeks old)

Plenty of action in Mary Pat's life so far as you'll see by the pictures linked below. Mary Pat got to meet her big cousin Samantha and her Aunt Linda (Linda if you read this you left your sunglasses at our house) and spent some quality time with her Nana and parents. If you are disturbed by seeing someone passed out with drool running out of the side of their mouths these pictures might not be for you. And those are just the ones of Nana, Mommy and Daddy as they tried to catch up on sleep! We've heard the week after the youngest is dropped off at college is the ideal time to catch up.

Please follow the link for the pics and enjoy!


schnibes said...

So adorable! Can't wait to celebrate Mary Pat's 1 month birthday!

Leenie said...

You don't know how bad I want to get up there and get my hands on that sweet, precious little one!
Hopefully the rates will be dropping soon and I can get to her. She is just adorable and I think I detected a dimple...she is so cute sucking her thumb and I love that grin Chuck has had on his face since he first laid eyes on her. I think she has him wrapped around her long little finger already! Glad to hear you are all adjusting and not too sleep deprived.
Love you all!

Leenie said...

...oh... I expect WEEKLY updates from now on!

Natalie said...

She's a beauty!! Keep the pictures them! You all look great! Hugs all around.