Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mirror Time!

Today Mommy and Mary Pat embarked on their first adventure together without any help. Mommy is pleased to say that Mary Pat slept the entire time we were at Babies R Us and seems to really enjoy the car and her car seat. When we got home Mommy laid Mary Pat in her crib for a minute while she got some things done in the nursery and realized after a while that it was VERY quiet. Apparently Mary Pat had discovered herself in the mirror and was completely enthralled looking and making faces! Here are some pictures of her entertainment.

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Leenie said...

I am like so impressed!! Not one but two post(s) in 2 days! This stay at home mommy time is much appreciated by your favorite blogger stalker aunt. I think little chunkette was checking out those chunky cheeks in her mirror and thats why she was so quiet. I also can't believe you were out driving and doing the Babys R Us thing...back in "my day",we couldn't drive for 6 weeks nor leave the house until the baby was Christened! My how you youngsters have it made in these times!!