Friday, October 17, 2008

Aunt Shay Baby is Here!!!

Aunt Shay Baby arrived yesterday morning for her visit and made everyone very happy! Mary Pat has had a great time getting to know her aunt and has been showing off all of her noises and faces. Mommy has to upload all of the pictures we took yesterday, but here are a few to give a preview of what's to come.

Mary Pat LOVES having her Aunt Shay Baby here to play with!

Mommy LOVES this picture! We can't figure out what prompted this silly face from Mary Pat, but it is great. She looks a little bit like Mommom if you ask Mommy and Aunt Shay.

Who needs to collect bubble gum wrappers for the "Billbo Club" (of which Aunt Shay was apparently the treasurer) when you can be a member of the "Aunt Shay Baby Gang". Here she is flashing the gang sign for Mary Pat.

1 comment:

Leenie said...

AWWW... I want to be in the Shay Baby Gang. That face of her laughing is so cute and she does look like Mom Mom! I am so envious of you Shay.

Word to ya motha, peace out!