Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mommy's night out

Last Wednesday, Mommy had her first night out since Mary Pat's birth. She went to the New Kids on the Block concert with her friends Kelly, Sarah and Rosette. The concert was wonderful (here are some pictures) and very nostalgic! NKOTB played all of there old hits and a few new songs and a good time was had by all.

While Mommy was out, Daddy and Mary Pat had a fabulous evening of playing and hanging out. I think they wore each other out since this is how Mommy found them when she got home:


Leenie said...

Oh my gosh I just pulled my hip out doing the uh uh uh oh oh dance! They still have the "right stuff" (get it?) in my book...reminds me of taking you to their concert and of you doing the NKOTB concert on the back of Mom Mom and Pop Pop's sofa on Christmas day.

Shay said...

I'LL BE THERE SO SOON!!! I can't wait to meet my adorable niece!! I love y'all! See you on Thursday!