Monday, October 27, 2008

Two Months Old!

We can hardly believe it but our little baby girl is two months old today! She celebrated with a nice warm bath followed by a screaming fit that luckily didn't draw a local squad car to the house. That two month old volume is a few decibels stronger than what it once was. Here are some pictures from the weekend and hopefully a video of Mary Pat talking to some of her closest friends (the animals on her mobile)....


Leenie said...

Yeah...I got to hear that sweet little voice! I know she loves the decorations for her first Halloween, it looks cute or were you going for scary?? If so, it looks scary. She is so adorable,I could just cry for wanting to hold her so bad.

almeidaduque said...

Shannon She is GORGEOUS!!! I guess she got those dimples from daddy!
Cangratulations on her two month birthday!!