Friday, August 27, 2010

Michael Tries Rice Cereal

Michael has started to eat some rice cereal for dinner over the past couple of weeks. He wasn't so sure of it at first and would mainly spit it out as fast as Mommy could scoop it in! At his four month check up the doctor told us that we could add some veggies along with the cereal this week. Well, that made all the difference. He LOVES the veggies! So far we have tried sweet potatoes and squash and he seems to enjoy both of them. Mary Pat loves having her baby brother eating with her and they end up laughing at each other the entire time they are eating!
Enjoy the pictures below and a few more here.
Getting ready to try rice cereal in his bumbo.
Thanks for the bib Aunt Shay Baby! You really are AWESOME!!!!
Mom, what's taking so long?
I waited for this?!?!
Too busy smiling to swallow the food.
I'm not so sure about this stuff Mom.
Maybe it will taste better if I eat it off my bib?
These sweet potatoes make the rice cereal taste MUCH better!
Keep it coming Mom!
I'm ready for some more.

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Jennifer said...

Cutest. Baby. Ever. If I could have smuggled him out of the party in my purse, I would have :) just kidding. You have two very beautiful kiddos. I had a great time with them. enjoy the rest of the summer. xoxo. Jen Bartle