Friday, October 8, 2010

A Little Morning Hi-5

Hi-5 is a show on Discovery Kids that big cousin Victoria used to LOVE when she was a toddler. She could watch is over and over non-stop. Well, Mary Pat has inherited this love for all things Hi-5 and therefore the Kolenik house has inherited many videos from Victoria. Luckily Mommy and Daddy have also been able to record some episodes on the DVR so we don't have to watch the same ones over and over again. In the morning while Mommy is trying to get bottles made and get the bags ready for school she lets Mary Pat and Michael watch one episode of HI-5 in the den while she is in the kitchen. Normally Michael would sit in his bouncy seat while Mary Pat either sits in her potter barn chair or stands up to dance. On this particular day Mommy found both of her "tv zombies" sitting in baby seats. Mary Pat had decided that she wanted to use Michael's other chair in order to lay back! It was too funny to not capture on film.
Michael usually needs a toy to keep him occupied while Mary Pat only needs Hi-5!
Notice Michael is playing while Mary Pat is only focused on the show.
From the kids' point of view!


Leenie said...

Too funny of them both reclining in the baby seats. I detect another budda belly in the family too. I don't ever want to hear you say you don't have time to do anything,(clean, laundry) when you have posted like 4 times this week.
( just kidding ) keep 'em coming!!


Jennifer said...

So cute! I love these pictures! More.