Monday, October 25, 2010

Meeting Antonia Taboas!

A few weeks ago we went to visit our good friends the Taboas family! Alex and Daddy are friends from their college days at Fordham and have held season tickets to Fordham basketball for years. Mommy has become great friends with Alex's wife Taty and we were thrilled when they had a baby girl in July! It was wonderful to finally meet precious Antonia and enjoy a wonderful lunch catching up with Alex and Taty. Mary Pat loved seeing a little baby and was so sweet holding Antonia's hands. We can't wait to watch all of our kids grow up together! Here are a few more pictures.
Antonia was all bundled up to go to lunch!
Michael loved sitting on Taty's lap during lunch.
Mary Pat helping Mommy feed Antonia.
Mary Pat keeping on eye on Antonia and her daddy Alex.
She loved holding hands with the baby!
Alex showing Antonia his Rick Flair lotto tickets from South Carolina!
Trying to get a good picture of the kids.
Trying to get a good pictures of the daddies and the kids.
Not an easy feat!
Giving sweet kisses.

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